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Umbra Appearance
Umbra was a tall man, about six foot and an inch tall; and he had sickly pale skin. He had a head of short and shaggy snow white hair. He had a broad face with a shaggy beard. He had a pair of very menacing crimson eyes like evils pools of blood. He typically wears:
-Long black Gothic style Victorian coat
-Black Victorian vest
-Long black Gothic style Victorian boots
-Black Victorian pants
-Long black Gothic style Victorian fingerless gloves
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Loki Fawkes Holmes Dossier V 1.0
Name: Loki Fawkes Holmes
Age: 19
Career: No career

Organization: No organization
Height: 1.6764 Meters
Weight: 113 pounds
Appearance :
- Long ginger hair with streaks of blonde
- Pale blue eyes
- Freckles
- Slender face
- Pale skin
- Skinny
Current Whereabouts: The house of Yen Masters' in Riversnow.
Accomplishments: No notable accomplishments

- Loki F. Holmes (formally labeled as Subject 0005) was an escapee of the Silverwood Institute in 1895 of Dwelf
- One of the first children to be brought to the institute at the age of 6 in 1882
- Suffered for 13 years of abuse from Silverwood, both physical, mental, sexual, and emotional.
- No recollection of any events before her time at Silverwood
- Parents unknown
- Siblings unknown, assumed to be an only child
- Caucasian
- Born April 28, 1876
- Named by Hunter Holmes, 1890

Additional Notes:
- Cannot function independently in society
- Socially handicapped
:iconthemadmanwithascarf:TheMadmanwithaScarf 1 10
HaiRamen :iconroslynnsommers:RoslynnSommers 10 4
Striding through the darkness,
Only my wit to guide me.
Lost my eyes make the,
Never to be found from all.
Quaking and scared.
Sweating and afraid.
I take a right.
Then I take a left.
Seeming to be lost.
I take a moment
Looking all around.
Then I see a peculiar sight.
A cat.
Who grinned.
Who grinned ever so grimly,
Like the sight of a grave.
And his eyes were burning,
Like the fires lit with rage.
He crept forward.
Still flashing his grin.
When he suddenly speaks,
Saying, "Evening to you, my fair miss."
Confused and slightly shocked.
I cocked my head,
Looking at him strange.
I never met a cat who talked.
I was surprised he hadn't hissed.
"Hello, there?" I say to the cat.
"How are you this fine day?" He asks me gently.
"Well," I say. "I'm afraid I'm a bit lost.
This ever darkness shrouds my path,
And I can't see the way,
I know this isn't my place to ask,
But can you show me home?"
A chuckle he gave
Still keeping his grin.
"Home?" He says
"What ever for?
This darkness is solitude,
And i
:iconthemadmanwithascarf:TheMadmanwithaScarf 5 0
Annanac, God of Water and Ice Concept [Sacrament] :iconroslynnsommers:RoslynnSommers 35 7 'Make them kiss' meme :icontobisempai:tobisempai 1,529 59 2012 vs 2017 :iconfurious-spartan:Furious-Spartan 31 4 School Spirit :iconcroxovergoddess:cRoxoverGoddess 160 22 Dragon Rider :iconkrossan:Krossan 1,411 138 Pirates of the Caribbean: Hector Barbossa :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 513 51
The Night Vale - Scene One: Madness in the Night
    A veil of darkness blanketed the lively yet dangerous city that late brisk night. A silver waxing moon hung high in the inky black sky. The streets still rushing by with either the cars with their flashing headlights or the roaring people out having a wondrous time. The looming buildings gazed down at the excitement and the vivacious gloom. The night was always vibrant despite the darkness, almost as lively as the day. Most of the folk wouldn't do anything too reckless or too immoral, but the cops would pick up a poor sod either drunk, daring or just plain crazy and throw them in the slammer until their sentence had been absolute.
    On that crisp night there sat a man - a lone wolf - in the cold bars of a jail cell, or what was most commonly known as Purgatory on the streets. The wolf sat with his back against the cold stone wall in a bent fashion and his head dipped down to the bleak floor. He had coal black fur with a head of short and sh
:iconthemadmanwithascarf:TheMadmanwithaScarf 2 0



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hoi. Welcome to the void because I have work and university so I can draw pretty rarely.
Love me plz

Also I'm a concept artist for Sacrament, Ferocity Unbound Core Studios upcoming game


Ferocity Unbound Core Studios, LLC is creating Sacrament


comic concept
Just an old concept for comic. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue working at that because one person I worked with has decided to leave long ago. I still like the idea so maybe I'll be just drawing concepts, hoping it to turn into real comic one day *sigh*
Here's Jack. He's based on Yen's old  design. It's funny how only the design can grow into the whole new character. He's a bad guy, yeah. Has the power of hypnosys and a lil sis Jane, the only person he does care about. He've got his scar from Loki ( belongs to TheMadmanwithaScarf  ). Suddenly, yeah xD

Ahhh i missed that grumpy face :')

Andyeah, i'm hella proud of that guy


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